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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Slogans

1 Cherish life by saving water. 

2 Though water resources are limited, the river of life is boundless.

3 Saving energy brings a brilliant future. Today’s feats will offer benefits forever.

4 Slogan for protecting greenbelts: Please don’t step on me, or I will get hurt.

5 Cherish resources for sustainable use and afforest environment to purify one’s heart.

6 Create a model environmental city and construct a green ecological homeland.

7 Based on saving, give priority to pollution control.

8 Cherish and protect water to benefit human beings.

9 Construct a model ecological city and create a happy life.

10 Water breeds and maintains life on earth. Who will care for the life of water?

11 Guarantee drinking water safety and protect health.

12 Insist on united water control and construct a harmonious drainage basin.

13 While adhering to a harmonious relationship between humans and water, construct an ecological civilization.

14 Improve people’s livelihood to share water resources development results.

15 Treasure water resources, protect the aquatic environment and prevent water pollution.

16 Comprehensive planning, making overall plans and taking all factors into consideration, boosting harmonious development of water conservancy and environmental protection is one of our basic state policies.

17 Construct a green homeland by protecting clear waters and blue skies.

18 People co-exist with nature by protecting wildlife.

19 Lock black dragons to protect the blue sky, and guard our homeland by governing waste water.

20 For the happiness of descendants, please treasure the environment.

Environmental Protection




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